Salvation is of the LORD

Jonah 2:9b -10 “…Salvation is of the LORD.

10- And the LORD spake unto the fish, and it vomited out Jonah upon the dry land.

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Hollywood’s Invasion on Morality in America

Since the early days of the cinema, there has been a constant watch on the film industry’s encroachment and destruction of the Moral Fiber of American culture.  America has been from the beginning, a Christian nation.  Regardless of former President Barrack Obama’s insistence that “America is no longer a Christian Nation”.  That statement struck me more as wishful thinking on his part but the truth is, there are still many Americans who regard themselves as ‘sanctified’.  They are on constant watch for blatant violations of the ‘good of the nation’ statements and/or scenes in movies and videos. 

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Do Jesus And Paul Agree?

I read a book once that was entitled, “Do Jesus And Paul Agree”. The author tried to synchronize the four gospels with Paul’s writings and tried to put many round pegs into square holes. Unfortunately, that is happening in many Churches today, and unfortunately from modern pulpits. Many preachers are still trying to balance the Biblical account of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John with Paul’s epistles. It cannot be done because of one very basic and big difference; they are speaking to two different peoples. Jesus and the Twelve are teaching and preaching to the Jews while Paul is teaching and preaching to the Gentiles. In my opinion the author of that book failed miserably in his mission of synchronizing their writings because he missed that very basic fact.

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What Does The Bible Say…or Not?

It is very important to know what the Bible says, but it is of equal importance to note what the Bible does not say. How much of what you believe comes from The Word of God, and how much comes from Church Covenant and Church Tradition?  Tradition was one of the downfalls of the Jews.  They put more emphasis on tradition of men than what “Thus Saith The LORD”. Selah

The Remnant

It seems that many Churches are experiencing decreasing membership due to very few new converts coming into the body. We need to remember that we might be small in number but God’s people have most often been the “few”.  Keep the faith and know that even though you might be few in number, you are still in His number, called the Remnant. Selah

Signs of Christ’s Coming

One of the determining factors that weighed heavily on me to begin a Bible Study blog site was the visible evidence that the Lord’s Return (the Rapture) will, must, be very soon. Daily I see more convincing evidence that His return is eminent. So, the Lord impressed upon me to begin to tell the good news and to warn the sloth and sinner of their ways and to Prepare to Meet Thy God.

At the time of this writing, I am 70 years old, soon to be 71 in just a few days. In my lifetime I have seen some really revealing things; things that make me believe that of a surety, Jesus is about to return, just like He said He would. Let’s look at some of these visible signs of His soon return. Read the rest of this entry »